He's so cute, all curled in a ball
exhausted from his free-for-all!
Just weeks old as this tale is told
With fluff of gold and spirit bold.
He dreams clear skies, chasing butterflies
Playing in the sun. Oh, What fun!
He darts around, "Come see what I've found"
He leaps in the air, but there's nothing there.
He grabs a toy - "Oh Boy! Oh Boy!"
He fears no puddle, rabbit or bush

He tries to nip me in the tush.
I scoop him up and hug him tight
His plump little body squirms with delight.
I put him down and off he goes
to do battle with the garden hose.
Just my luck - they always grow up?
Why can't they stay small?
I wouldn't mind, after all.
He's starting to stretch all of his toes
and curl his pink tongue to the top of his nose.
He looks at me with thoughtful eyes,
his bright, sweet face full of surprise.
And says to me (at least he tries)
"Oh, Hi Mom! Where've you been?
I'm all ready to do it again.

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