When you think of me, master
Know that Iím not the same,
Not the frail, old body
That I too fast became

Smile back on your mornings
My young paws wet with dew
Think not of the pained version
Of the pup that you once knew

Please remember our good times
Our fond romps in the park
Not the day I lay dying
And my world became so dark

And at times when youíre grieving
In those moments of hurt
Do replace tears with memories
Of when I was alert

Please remember my soft eyes
And my sweet, loving lick
Not the hazy, lost moments
After I became so sick

When sad times are upon you
And your tears start to flow
Know Iím not the confused dog
That you grew to know

Master, when you lie dreaming
Let your dreams be not blue
Dare not dream of the frail dog
Whose earth years seemed so few

May your dream paint you rainbows
And bright bridges of gold
And show you, my dear master,
That Iím no longer old

May your rest bring you wisdom
May you wake without care
Grieving not for my loss but
Knowing I am still there

Iíll be in puppy kisses
And in walks in the park
And right there beside you
On your bed in the dark

And those times you are smelling
A sweet, dew-covered rose
Eyes closed, feel the soft brush
Of a little, wet nose.

Whether you are in sunshine
Or alone in the dark
When the gentle wind whispers
You just might hear my bark

If at times you might feel
Gentle taps on your knee
Please donít let this alarm you
Itís most probably me

Though you no longer see me
Nor can you touch my soft hair
In a way that you know not
I will always be there

Please do know Iíve not left you
We were paired from the start
I will be with you always
Cuddled deep in your heart

Love spans all horizons so
Let your sad heart not harden
I romp and Iím whole again,
In a bright rainbow garden

One fine day you will join me
Weíll run fast across a green field
When you come to the gateway
And, like I, you are healed

ĎTil that joyous reunion
When I lick your sweet face
Know Iím playing in rainbows
And Iím saving your place

So tonight as you lie back
Settled down in your bed
Know Iím not gone, dear master....
Iíve just gone on ahead.

Author: Dorrin M. Birch