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I moved to Western Kentucky
Smokey:  Smokey is a delightful little boy (about 14 1/2"), who is definitely a "people" dog. He adores kids and wants to be with someone all the time. Definitely a snuggler. He was deserted in a yard and picked up by another Rescue who got him to us (Thanks, Sue!!). Smokey will not be happy being left outside.  If you want a lover, Smokey is your boy. He will be 2 years in October.

Smokey has found a wonderful forever home with a new Mom and Dad and a Schnauzer brother. Our only worry is that he will be hopelessly spoiled.    :))

Click here   for pictures of Smokey and his new family.

I moved to Illinois
Stormy:   Stormy is a large (around 19") blue merle male with 1 blue and 1 brown eye. He is housebroken, crate trained and knows some basic obedience commands. He loves to play and is a bit rambunctious for children under 10 years. Stormy is from a local humane society who picked him up as a stray. He'd love his very own home. He's a good boy who has a lot of love to give.

Stormy is in a special new home in Illinois with a new Mom and brother. Many Thanks to Patricia Stilley for finding Stormy his forever home.

More pictures of Stormy

I stayed in Kentucky 
Laddie:  Laddie was rescued from a local humane society. The owners brought him in and said they wanted a smaller dog. Laddie is housebroken and loves to be with you. He is deathly afraid of thunderstorms, so he MUST be inside "safe" during one. He loves to be with you and likes to lie by your feet.  Laddie is around 4 years. He's looking for his forever home where he'll be loved and protected from those nasty thunderstorms.

LADDIE is a full sized


Laddie is now enjoying being loved and spoiled in his forever home.

I stayed in Kentucky
Contessa:  Contessa is a beautiful 15" tricolor female. She is 5 years old. Contessa is quiet when she 1st meets you, but blooms as she gets to know you. She came in with Hank, but he overwhelmed her and we felt in this case they'd do better separated.  She will enjoy getting her share of the attention (and she does love it). Do you have a space in your home and heart for our Contessa?

Contessa  stole the hearts of her new mom and dad. She also has a new tricolor sister, Shelby. We predict a very happy family.

I moved to West Virginia.
Hank:  Hank hardly came in before he was gone. A delightful 15" bundle of energy, Hank will keep his household in a whirl. With 2 human brothers and a Sheltie sister, Melika, Hank will never be unwanted again.

I moved to Ohio
Merry:  Merry is an about 2 year old COLLIE.  She is an absolute doll.  She loves being fussed over, adores to run and play. She is a perfect lady. She loves to ride in the car and look out the window. She sits and lies down, shakes hands and rolls over. She wants her very own home where she can be spoiled to her heart's content.

Merry is being spoiled rotten. She will be shown in 4H.

I stayed in Kentucky
Tommy:  Tommy is an extremely dark sable who is about 15" tall. Tommy's family moved away and left him tied to the fence in the back yard. He climbed the fence, jumped over and was hanging, choking to death when the next door neighbor happened to see him.  He barely managed to save him. Tommy is probably 2 - 4 years old. He is a very out going boy who'd love a home where he'd be loved and cared for and never left alone again. Tommy will do best as an only dog.

Our Tommy now has his own Forever home where he'll receive the love and attention he deserves.

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

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