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Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue
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Adopted home page  ADOPTED: Page 8 (Thank you for giving us a chance)

I moved to Ohio
Gidget:  Gidget is a delightful around 4 mos baby girl. She is a Sheltie mix. She loves children, gets along well with other dogs and loves to be held and cuddled. She's already spayed and is ready to move to her new home (hopefully with children who will play a lot with her). She is housebroken.




I stayed with Karen
This little girl isn't quite a Sheltie, but don't tell her that! Noel is a 17" hound mix who is around 4 years old. Like our Shelties, she is smart, delightful and loving -- definitely a cuddler! She guards the puppies and protects the house. Definitely gets into being a couch potato. She would make a great indoor watchdog.

How could we let our no 1 babysitter and watchdog go? 
Our gain is someone's loss, as Noel is a very special, loving girl.

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Lady Heart of KY sheltie rescue
 I stayed in Kentucky
Lady: Lady is a nearly 2 year old 15" sable who is an owner turn-in. They decided they couldn't handle two shelties. She's housebroken and good with kids.  

Lady is a doll who just wants to please. Can't imagine ANYONE letting her go. Are you her forever home? 

Lady is lighting up the lives of 2 elderly people who recently lost their beloved cocker spaniel of 13 years. They're enjoying thoroughly spoiling her, which she definitely feels she deserves.

Mickey Heart of KYsheltie rescue
Mickey  I stayed in Kentucky.
Mickey: Little Mickey (about 14 1/2") was picked up on the streets by a local Humane Society. After 8 days when no one claimed him, they contacted us.  He's  around 8 years and loves to cuddle. He's just had his teeth cleaned, been neutered and is ready to be loved and spoiled. 

From Mickey's FOREVER Home:
   He's doing great!!  The kids love him !! I am so thankful that you had him... We love him like we've had him forever !! Thanks for asking about him.

RORY:   is a collie mix around 9 months. Isn't he a gorgeous boy? He's going to be stunning as an adult.  He was found as a stray and no one claimed him.  Just an extremely sweet, outgoing little boy who loves to play. Can he come and play with you?

I moved to Georgia.
Scotty:  Cocker Spaniel found wandering the highway, no luck in attempts to locate his owner. He's a VERY sweet little boy who just wants to please everyone. He'd love to please you.

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

Karen Evans
 859-744-5934 or 
Brenda Evans

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