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I stayed in Kentucky
Shelby:  A 8 year sable female she was turned into a shelter because her owners "didn't want to be bothered anymore". She is housebroken and good with other dogs and kids. What a special little lady she is.  Shelby definitely will be the Queen of your household. Will she be there in time for Christmas? 

Shelby was adopted by the sister of the girl who has Laddie (see 1st page), so she not only has a new mom, but also a new cousin. She's very happy to be in her forever home at last.

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I moved to Ohio
Lillie:  three year old sable female was an owner turn in, along with her brother MacGregor. Their owner moved into a retirement home where she is not allowed to have them. They are delightful children who are fully trained. 

Lillie now has her own special home and her own special girl. They do everything together.

Family Picture(s) of Lillie and Alice

I moved to Ohio
MacGregor:  three year old sable male was an owner turn in,  His owner moved into a retirement home where she is not allowed to have him. He is a sweet loving playful boy who's looking for a home that will love and appreciate him. 

MacGregor now has his very own boy. They're going to do 4H and obedience and agility and junior showmanship and...

I stayed in Kentucky
Pepper:  He's the last of Cinnamon's puppies (the little Sheltie mix who had puppies the day before we rescued her from the humane society) . Evidently his father was hound, probably a beagle.
As you can tell from his picture, our Pepper is a boy who loves to be spoiled. At 4 mos, he's already neutered and ready to go. A sweet, loving little boy, he adores to be cuddled. 
Pepper has found his forever family with 2 little girls. They think he's super special.

 I stayed in Kentucky
Bandit:   Bandit's owner brought him into one of our local Humane Societies and told them to destroy him - he was getting too old. Bless Jackie, she called us instead. When I arrived to pick him up he was lying out in the rain by the gate to his pen, waiting for his master to come get him. He perked up somewhat on the ride home. He's playing now.  He was said to be around 9. We're betting he's younger. He needs a home where he won't ever be deserted again.

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Bandit's in his special home with a new Mom & Dad and his new brother, Dexter. He's having fun showing off - sitting, lying down, shaking hands, rolling over.

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

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