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Adopted home page  ADOPTED: Page 5 (Thank you for giving us a chance)

I stayed in Kentucky
Is a delightful 9 year old (tri-color). She sits, shakes hands and much else - is housebroken and spayed and up on shots. Her family VERY reluctantly gave her up when the 4 year old became severely allergic. She longs for her very OWN special home, where she'll once again be the center of attraction. She is a very, very special girl. (And, very very pretty)

 More pics of Molly

I stayed in Kentucky
Tanner is an owner turn in. How anyone could give up this utterly delightful little boy is beyond me.  He's sweet and loving and very playful. He just wants to find a forever home.  He'll be 2 on Christmas Eve (1999).

Tanner will be spending Christmas in his new home with new mom and dad. He's being thoroughly spoiled (Not hard to do with Tanner.)

Family pictures of Tanner.

I moved back home to Indiana.

Ivan: A five year old sable male, he was an owner turn in. The owners are transferred every 3-4 months and just can't find places to rent with a dog.  Ivan is very sweet and loving. 

Yeah!! His previous owners decided they couldn't live without him and will do whatever it takes to keep Ivan with them.

I've gone back to my special home and I have my very own stocking with MY name on it. 

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas to everyone!!

More pictures of Ivan.

I moved to Michigan.
Jake is a 10 mos tricolor male collie.
His owners turned him in to a local  Humane Society. They were not going to put him up for adoption, but simply put him down as they do so many at this time of year. Thank goodness someone notified me. This super sweet little boy is a love. He'd like to have his own Christmas stocking in his forever home this Christmas.  

(Thank you Toni and company for finding Jake a forever home))

 More pictures of Jake

I stayed in Kentucky.
Millie:   Baby Millie, a 4 mos Sheltie mix  was at the shelter with Shelby. While I was waiting 5 puppies were brought in. Now I know she'll find a home. She's painfully thin - has evidently never gotten enough food, as she is very protective of it around other dogs. She likes to cuddle. She would like her very own home where she could get the love & respect she deserves.        

I got my Christmas wish, I got  my very own home. 
My daddy sent a Christ e-mail to EVERYONE with MY picture.  Guess I'm pretty special now.


Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

Karen Evans
 606-744-5934 or 
Brenda Evans

   Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue