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Jody rescue collie
I stayed in Kentucky
Jody:    Male collie 
We think Jody is 3 or 4 years old. He was found running wild and we got him from a humane society. He's the sweetest dog who just wants to be loved. He's extremely gentle and gets along well with other dogs, unless there's food involved.

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Sable Male: (Picture coming ).

I stayed in Kentucky
Whiskey comes from Puerto Rico. He was rescued by Save-A-Sato from an owner who had no time for him. He was locked outside with no shelter and rarely fed. They had to buy him from the owner. He originally came from a puppy mill in NE. He is 10 mos. He too is looking for HIS special home.

I stole my new mom's heart.
I stayed in Kentucky
Little Truffles was found wandering the streets in Boyle County. He is extremely thin. Evidently he was nearly starved wherever he came from. He's a little leary of people but likes to be held and cuddled. He just wants his own Mom and Dad and a safe place where he'll never be lost again. He's still quite young. Definitely under 2 years.

I stayed in Kentucky (Cinnamon)
Cinnamon is a Sheltie mix. A day before her stray time was over at the shelter she presented them with 3 babies (We've named them Ginger (f), Nutmeg (m), & Pepper (m)). Okay, she isn't pure Sheltie, but could you condemn that face to death? She's a very smart, sweet, loving little girl.

Cinnamon has a new home where she is loved.

Picture of me in my new home

  Pictures of Cinnamon and her puppies

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I moved to Idaho
BRADLEY 3 to 4 year old male sable, found wandering the streets by Humane society, gets along with children and other dogs. Bradley is extremely smart and VERY agile. Is a great agility prospect.
He does chase cars! A fenced yard is a MUST!

Bradley found a loving home in Idaho.

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

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Brenda Evans
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