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Idige and Prince
We both moved to Indiana
Two, five year old Male and Female Sheltie, received from older couple who could not care for them, they painfully had to part with Idgie and Prince. Must be placed together.

They stayed together and have a special new Mom who says she doesn't know how she survived without them.



I moved to Ohio
LAIKA: From San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Gets along with other dogs and children. heartworm negative all vaccinations. Rescued from the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Laika, a Puertorican stray needs a good home, a chance.
More Pictures

Laika is living with Bonnie & her Mom. Laika has found her very special home.

I stayed in Kentucky
SKYLAR  A very affectionate loving male sable.    Little Skylar adores everyone. He does like to chase cars, so MUST have a fenced yard. Also, he HATES cats.

Skylar now has a special new home.
I Moved to Maine
Our tricolor Patti is a very special little girl.  Patti's rear leg was chewed off by a larger dog in a dreadful puppymill. This has not stopped her, as she runs up and down steps, plays with the other shelties, is a couch potato,  a cuddler. Patti was adopted by an elderly lady who cherished her. Unfortunately due to ill health the lady had to be placed in a nursing home and had to give Patti up for adoption. Patti is a real sweetheart, who needs a very loving home.

10_dot.gif (841 bytes)More pictures of Patti

Patti is in a wonderful home. She has a little brother and has even been to obedience school. Thank you Marge, for recognizing Patti's potential and giving her such a loving home.

Bonnie stayed with her foster family in Kentucky

Clyde stayed in Kentucky


Bonnie & Clyde   (collies):
These two 3 month babies were found wandering close to the interstate. No one has reported them missing, so we feel they were dropped. They are very sweet, just want to be loved. They do not act as tho' they were abused. Although they would enjoy staying together, it is not necessary.

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

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Brenda Evans
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   Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue