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Buddy To sum Buddy up in 1 word: CUTE! He has a cute face, a cute personality. He adores everyone. He's around 2 years old and is about 15". He has a high energy level, so would not be good for a person wanting a sedate dog. He might be too energetic for very small children. He is probably a Sheltie mix rather than pure Sheltie. Do you need a Buddy to play with? Buddy would be an ideal 4-H obedience & agility dog. He "leaps tall building with a single bound."
   I stayed in Kentucky.
 Rosie says, "I'm all dressed up and,
 I am on my way to Ohio with Tad..
Rosie:  What an adorable sweetheart our Rosie is. She's a little girl, about 14". I don't think she's over 2 yrs, but she has had a litter (no problems w/ that any more - she is now spayed) . She wants a special person so badly - will cuddle and kiss you. Are you the one to give Rosie the special forever home she deserves?
Rosie in her hat

LADDIELaddie was so horribly matted when we got him that he had to be shaved. His groomer gave him a special shirt to wear while his coat was growing back. By Christmas he was starting to show what a beautiful boy he is.

I moved to Louisville with Hobo (now BoBo)
Our new parents couldn't decide between us so they took us both. This is us with our Mom and our  new brother, Dodger. He's on the left, BoBo's in the middle and I'm lying down.
Gavin Gavin is a gorgeous 9 mos 17" Blue Merle. He loves to play and to snuggle.  He sits and shakes hands. If you want a beautiful loving boy to grace your home, then Gavin might be your boy. He should do well in obedience and agility.
Gavin   I live at the Lake
Tad & Toy
   I moved to Ohio
TADTad is a tiny sable boy, only about 13" tall. He was found standing by the dumpster at a Humane Society. His coat was scraped off his back (it has grown back in), so we suspect some evil person threw him from a moving car. He is adorable, wants to please and to be held and cuddled. We're guessing him to be 7 - 8 years old. He can not go to a house with small children. He does have special needs.

Tad - Head Shot

 Tad and Rosie went together to Ohio to join a family of 2 other rescue dogs from us, Barkley & Kayleigh. They are all thoroughly spoiled and much loved.

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
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