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Bonnie - Isn't she beautiful?

we moved to North Carolina.

Bonnie: What a stunning girl our Bonnie is! She's just as sweet as she is beautiful. She stands about 15". She's smart, she's playful and very much "a Lady". A very youthful 8 year old, Bonnie came into rescue with her "brother" Cameron. They've been together since he was 8 weeks old, so we'd like for them to stay together.

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we stayed together thank you.


Cameron - Such a handsome boy!


we moved to North Carolina

Cameron:    This is our handsome Cameron. Isn't he stunning? He's also a very good boy who loves attention. Cameron is about 15 1/2". He's very devoted to his "sister" Bonnie.  They've been together since he was 8 weeks old, so we'd like for them to stay together. Are you the right family for these 2 wonderful furbabys?

Tipper  Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue

Tipper is a very sweet 7 year old sable male. He is the victim of a divorce. His mistress can't afford to keep him with her reduced circumstances and it was with tears that she turned him over to Rescue. He was a much loved pet and even though his little boy was allergic to him they tried desperately to keep him. Right now Tipper is real lost and sad but someone with a little boy to love and a warm happy home  would go a long way toward making him the happy dog he once was. He is UTD on shots and has been treated for heartworm. He is now heartworm negative. Tipper is housebroken and a real gentleman in the house. He loves to play fetch with his Frisbee or a ball.
            ADOPTED !!

Nicky  -  I stayed in Kentucky
Nicky: This lovely 8 year boy came back into Rescue, reluctantly surrendered by his previous owners.  He went to a daycare everyday and was played with by all the children. He's a big boy - about 18" and is very gentle  and laid back. He wants to be in his own home again.


Nicky is in a very special home. He's taking care of Emily and the 2 children she cares for. He's very much loved!

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
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