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Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue
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I stayed in Kentucky
DOLLY-(COLLIE) Dolly came to us heartworm positive, 15 pounds underweight and whelping dead puppies in the back of Brenda's car. She was treated for heartworm and is now healthy. She is Approximately 3-4 years of age.  Dolly loves children of all ages.  Her coat is finally growing back in after all her troubles, and she is really pretty.
She now has her own special home where she can forget about all the trama of her past life.
Jake now living in West Virginia
I moved to West Virginia
Jake, four year male Was turned over by a humane society who rescued him from the streets. Extremely loving and very smart, Jake is now running his own household (he says it's a tough job keeping everybody in line but somebody has to do it.).



I moved to Connecticut
Juliet Collie Rescued from Humane Society, (Female). There were two Collies loose,Female and a Male,the female was trapped, the Humane Society could not trap the male, the next day the male was sitting in front of the females kennel wanting to get in.  (They were named Romeo and Juliet) The Humane Society could not place them as a pair. Juliet was rescued, she is affectionate, intelligent and very smart.
Juliet now has 2 human "sisters" who adore her.
We thought she was adorable too.
I stayed in Kentucky
FOX-Approximately 2 years old, Fox was abandoned in the country and lived on his own for six weeks, till Heart of Kentucky was able to trap him in a live trap.  Is shy, and may have been abused, but is acclimating to civilization again very well.  Fox is extremely sweet and loving-and loves to be gently held and petted.  We think he's pretty smart as well!

I moved to Kingston, TN
Brooke  (5 1/2 years) was an owner turn-in. After being pampered all her life she was tossed outside and ignored when the baby came. She is a perfect lady; excellent in the house, very loving and obedient. Now Brooke has a new Mom and Dad and will be pampered the way she deserves to be.


Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

Karen Evans
 606-744-5934 or 
Brenda Evans
 606-873-7202 o

   Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue