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PUPPER:   Pupper is a lovely 15"  8 year old. He's not very fond of other males, so will probably do better as an only dog. He's quite playful and is very good with older children. He's waiting for his own home and family. Could it be yours??

Tony: Tony is a pale golden Sheltie mix of about 15 1/2". He's young, maybe 2 years at the most. He was found as a stray, but evidently was someone's loved pet as he knows sit & shake. He's very willing to learn more. Do you have the time to teach him? When you get his collar and leash out, Tony does the cutest little dance and ends up sitting for you to put his collar on.

Video of Tony

Max:  Max is a delightful tricolor boy probably between 1 - 2 years. He loves to play and "has a ball" carrying his toys around and playing with them. He knows sit and down and is leashed trained. He would be ideal for kids over 6. They could match each other in energy. Do you need Max to join in your energetic lifestyle?
Video Of MAX

  video one

  video two
Beejer:  Beejer has been obedience trained and with a little work could be ready to show for his CD. He would be a great 4-H dog. He's a sweetheart, always ready to please. He loves to ride and to play or just snuggle with you. He's a lovely bi blue (blue merle and white) 7 year old and is about 15". 
    Video of Beejer

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
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