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I stayed in Kentucky.
Sassy:   Such an apt name. Sassy she most assuredly is AND absolutely adorable. Sassy's owner had to give her up for health reasons.  She's about 14 1/2" and will be 3 years old on Oct. 17th.  Knows sit and lay down. She loves kids and riding in cars. She's very protective of her special people.

Adorable Sassy was gone in a Flash---

Heard from her parents, Sassy is doing fine,  five years has passed, since Sassy, was adopted,  Sassy has stolen her parents heart.

I stayed in Kentucky

   Video of Angel .mpg format
Angel: My name is Angel. When my owner couldn't take care of me I ended up in a shelter. Even though they took good care of me there, it wasn't what I was used to. They called Karen and I found a home in no time.
I am living up to my name. I run around the yard chasing a red ball, playing with my friends, and just being me. I walk Hi, on a leash, I am house trained, and I am an Angel, I am told. (Of course, I knew that)

JACK:   is an approximately 3 year old, 15" sable male. When his owners divorced, Jack was deserted at their old home. He's still a little unsure of his new surroundings, but wants to please and to be loved. Do you have the time and patience to give the Jack the love and attention he deserves and to let him know that he won't be deserted again?
I now have my very own special home. It's so nice to be "top dog"!


  I went to Ohio
SKIPPER:  Is a Border Collie - Newfoundland cross around 2 years old.  I  was called by a local humane society about a collie they'd had for 2 months. He was now on death row due to extreme overcrowding. When I got there it was evident that he wasn't a collie. Guess you know the rest....

"Hey!  Look at me and my new family!  I'm carrying my toy so we don't forget it. I'm GOING HOME!!  We'll keep you posted on my new adventures."

ROSA:  Rosa is our sweet bouncy girl. Such a delightful girl, all she wants is to rain kisses on you and to be cuddled. At a year old, she still is a bit of a puppy, anxious to play. Would you like a playful little girl to cuddle with?  Rosa is about 15".

   Video of Rosa    .mpg file

  Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
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