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I Stayed in Kentucky
Sara:  She was known as Number 35 in the puppy mill where she resided. Thanks to a friend she was purchased and sent to Rescue. Although a bit shy as one would expect, she basically has a very stable temperament. She loves to be petted and held and is extremely sweet. We suspect that with a bit of work that Sara will be an outgoing little girl. She is about 5 years old and is about 14 1/2" tall.

Our Sara (now Stella) has taken over Max's duties taking care of Julia and her father. She's filled a big void for them. It's a big job, but Sara now has her special place.

I Moved to Virginia
Shep: is a tiny 3 year old sable male. His owners turned him in to a Humane Society since they "didn't have time for him".  He first appeared shy, but he spent some time with Gem Beau's family, where he was very friendly.  He likes to play and could be a snuggler.  When he gets excited he stands on his two rear feet and wags his front paws in joy. He needs a quiet household where he can be assured that he won't be neglected again.  He appears to have had some training.

Irene fell in love with Shep at her 1st sight of his photo. When the 1st
potential adopter decided Shep wasn't the right one for her, Irene made the 8 hour trip to get "her boy" in a flash. A special home for a special boy!
I stayed in Kentucky
Oliver:   is an owner turn-in. He is a gorgeous 1 yr old orange sable. He was teased by the neighborhood kids and is afraid of children. Extremely loving with adults, he is housebroken and has had basic obedience. He wants to have his own special home again.

Rose and Jordan decided that Oliver was the one for them. He'll be watching the ducks and geese in the back yard, hiking , boating, and doing agility. He's going to be a happy, busy boy!

I went to Ohio
NIKITA:  Hi, I'm Nikita. I'm a 17", 1 1/2 year old golden sable girl. I was passed around between several family members, than suddenly no one had room or time for me. Am I glad I ended up in Heart of Kentucky. I'm a very good girl and love everyone (except cats - I chase them all the time!) Even tho' it's fun here with everyone, I still long for my own forever home. 

Hi. Sorry I'm in such a rush, but I am SO busy.  I have to take Margaret for a walk then back home where I can entertain her with my cute ways, then we MUST get some snuggling in (the best part).

I went to West Virginia
Kasey:   is a beautiful 2 year old trifactored sable COLLIE. Her owner had a long series of illnesses and had to move to an apartment where she could not keep Kasey. She's a lovely sweet girl who loves to run and play. She really wants a special forever home. Are you the home for Kasey?
Kasey now has her own special home with little girls to play with and love.


I'm staying in Kentucky.
ALLIE:  Allie and her sister Kate were owner turn-ins.  They are 2 year old golden very small COLLIES - about 18". They had never been named. Both are very sweet and love children.  Allie can be overpowered by Kate at times. They could be separated, altho' it would be nice for them to go together. Allie just wants her own special family to love.
My foster home couldn't bear to give me up, so I'm staying right there. They NEED me to take care of 3 year old Scarlet. It's so nice to be special and loved.

  Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
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