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I went home.
Toby: Toby is a gorgeous big (about 17") sable boy.  He's just turned a year old. He loves to play and would do well with older active children.  A fenced in yard is a must.

Toby has gone home to his 1st Mom. They're both VERY happy!

I stayed in Kentucky
Lassie:  Lassie is a lover. She craves attention and just wants to be with you. She just turned 5 years on Dec. 9th.  She's another "Miss Personality". Want to share your home with a ball of energy, who is also happy to just snuggle?  Lassie is your girl.

Tragically, Lassie was run over and killed.  She is terribly missed.

ONCE AGAIN  --  NEVER have your dog off leash out of a fenced yard. It only takes a second and they're gone.

I stayed in Kentucky

Molly: Little Molly was thrown out on the road to starve. She was taken in, fed and kept by a lovely person who contacted us. She's a sable, maybe 14". We're guessing she's around 4 or 5 years. A very sweet, loving girl, she's looking for the special home she deserves where she'll be cherished for the rest of her life. Molly just had her teeth cleaned when she was spayed.

Molly gone to her Forever Home. We can tell that she's going to be spoiled horribly - just what she deserves!

I stayed in Kentucky
Lizzie:   Lizzie is a bigger dark sable girl, about 17" at the shoulder. She has lovely house manners and wants to sleep in the bedroom with you. 
 We can't imagine a more loyal, loving girl than our Lizzie. How anyone could possibly give her up is a puzzlement. Lizzie is 5 years old. A fenced yard is a must as she likes to wander, but gets lost and doesn't know how to get home.  Are you Lizzie's forever home?

I moved to North Carolina

ElsieElsie is a tiny little girl - maybe a tad over 13" and weighs less than 14 lbs. She will be 7 years old on Jan. 26th. She loves to snuggle and be held, so if you need a warm body on your lap, Elsie is for you.  She is fine with the other dogs. Elsie wants a home where she'll get LOTS of love with a fenced yard so she'll be safe when she goes out.

I moved to Ohio
Marbles: Marbles is the epitome of cuteness. At about 13 1/2" she is a real cutie pie. Marbles was 6 years on Christmas Day. She loves to be held and cuddled, but also likes to play.  If you're looking for a little doll, Marbles is your girl.
   Marbles is a now a Therapy Dog.  We knoe she's bringing joy to everyone who meets her. She's impossible to resist.

I stayed in Kentucky

Honey:  Honey is an adorable little Sheltie X who we pulled from a local Humane Society. She is probably about 3 years old. Her personality was so cute and she was so adorable that we couldn't leave her there. She is maybe 14 1/2" - just an armful of cuddlesome warm caramel colored furchild. Her presence would light up any home.

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

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