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I went home to Indiana.
BUCK:  Buck is our gorgeous big boy. He stands 19" at the shoulder.
Buck loves to play and would do very well with a family with older children who would romp and play with him.  Buck needs a fenced yard as he likes to explore. Are you the right family for our boy?

Our small miracle: Buck was seen on our website by a woman who had lost one just like him in a divorce 4 years ago. Evidently the ex-husband turned him in to a Humane Society  in IN which is where we got him.  "Peyton" and his original Mom are back together again.

I moved to West Virginia
Peanuts:  Peanuts is a 3 year sable female. She came in with her tri sister and another sable girl. Princess, now Cory, has been adopted and Sidney went to Illinois Rescue. Peanuts is feeling a little lost without her special friends,. She wants her very own home where she'll be the center of attraction. She is very sweet and loving. Do you have a place for pretty Peanuts?

Peanuts is now in the lap of luxury with her new Sheltie brother, Oscar and her Mom and Dad. She got to go to PetsMart and pick out her own bed.

I stayed with Brenda in Kentucky.

Twinkle:  Little Twinkle was turned into the humane society by her family because they "didn't want to fool with her anymore". She supposedly is 10 years old. We think she's closer to 12.  She is so sweet, but a little bewildered at the moment.  Twinkle needs a special quiet home where she'll be cherished as she deserves. She is about 15".

Twinkle has chosen her forever home. She informed Brenda in no uncertain terms that she was staying right there!!

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I moved to Ohio.
Darla:  You called for Miss Personality. HERE I AM.!!!   What a delightful girl! She's about 17", approximately 6 + years. Just the sweetest girl ever. She was found as a stray. Why no one claimed her at the Humane Society is beyond me. Thanks to an anonymous call on my answering machine we were able to spring her in "the nick of time".

Darla has her forever home with her Sheltie brother Ben. The whole family adores her.

I stayed in Kentucky.
Faygo:  Faygo was thrown out of a car in the middle of a busy expressway. After 2 1/2 hours the humane society person who saw it managed to catch him. He's a sweetheart - a sable male about 15 1/2" tall. He wants a forever home where he'll never be thrown away again.


Our Faygo is in his forever home now. He has a new Mom and Dad and a Sheltie sister.

I stayed in Kentucky. Toby:  Toby is a 16 1/2" tricolor male who was caught as a stray. He is a perfect house dog and very sweet and playful. He loves to snuggle and is in training as a couch potato. Toby is no older than 2 years.

WOW!!  Toby was adopted before we even got a picture. He's living in the lap of luxury and will never have to scrounge for his food again.

Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

Karen Evans
 859-744-5934 or 
Brenda Evans

   Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue