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I stayed in Kentucky


This is a very affectionate, 8 year old sable and white male. He was given up by his owners. There is not an aggressive bone in this sweet boy's chubby little body, and with love and patience he will quickly overcome the fear of people, which apparently developed from some rough handling in the past. He has been in my home for 3 weeks and has made astounding socialization progress in that time. He is overweight at 15" and 42 pounds, but he is on a diet ("They're starving me!") and exercise program and is coming along nicely. He has no medical problems. Laddie loves to ride in the car and gets along well with other animals. He is really a snugglebug and will remind you to pet him should you forget! Laddie will do best in a home with no small children (under age 6).

 I moved to South Carolina

Kirby was found running loose by a local humane society. He had something wrong with his hips and was a hip overweight. However he was an utterly delightful boy who loved to play.
He now has a super home where he's definitely adored. 

I stayed in Kentucky


Two year old female Collie, rescued, there was not
enough room in the Humane Society and Sadie would have been put to sleep without being given a chance.
Sadie will  make a fine companion and a house pet. She is bright, willing to learn and a will be a great dog.
All Sadie needs is a loving family.

I stayed in Kentucky

This is a 7 year old Sheltie male that was surrendered to a local shelter by his owner on 8/4/98. He is stunningly beautiful and is a great dog that loves to be petted and scratched. He is neutered, current on all shots and
heartworm negative.

10_dot.gif (841 bytes)Bert's Page.

I moved to Indiana
HOLLY- 2 years old, extremely energetic and  affectionate.  Loves children, but needs a home with older ones.  Might make a very good agility or obedience dog, for someone who can channel that energy!  Boy can she jump and run!
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Pictures of some of our friends that have been adopted.
On behalf of Heart of Kentucky Sheltie Rescue THANK YOU.

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