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Memorials to Friends Gone but not Forgotten

Casey - Greatly missed 

Casey: What was your story my darling girl? You were so lovely. How did you end up in a Humane Society in WV? I always suspected that you were shown at one time. You certainly baited beautifully. You looked so much like old Banchory.  You knew you were special. You were such a little doll. I fell in love with you the 1st moment I saw you and was secretly glad that no one ever inquired about adopting you. I never understood why. Perhaps you were supposed to stay here. I had you for only a year before I lost you to kidney failure. I still miss you, my little black girl.



Mikey:  Little Mikey, you were found wandering in the snow in 20 degrees, barely able to stand. You were bewildered, emaciated, filthy, at least 14 years old. A good Samaritan took you in, gently gave you a warm bath, so you felt warm and dry. She called me. There was nothing there when I picked you up. You barely weighed 5 lbs. You tried to eat and to be good. You fought, but slowly lost the battle. There was nothing left for you to fight with. You slipped gently away during the night. There's an empty spot in my bedroom where you stayed.

Our favorite picture - Granny in the snow - 2007
HaHa! I got Buddy's bone and he doesn't know it! 


Dear Friends:
It is a very sad time at our house this week; we had to put our cute little Grannydog to sleep yesterday. Due to illness, her quality of life severely declined in the past 3 weeks, compelling us to make the painful decision to set her spirit free. We are comforted by the thought that we were able to provide plenty of love & kindness to her in her "golden years"; hopefully compensating somewhat for the abuse & neglect that she suffered prior to rescue, and enabling her to live a full life to the ripe old age of about 15 or 16 (due to her being a "rescue", we don't have her exact age, only an estimate based on vet's assessment).
She is missed very much; it will take a long time for the "empty space" in our house & hearts to heal....we have great memories, though....

Barb, Steve & Buddydog

Granny - 2004



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