Robin - Head Shot - 8 mos

(Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM ex Karashome's Night Must Fall, HC)


Robin - Body Shot - 8 mos

8 1/2 mos

Robin stood out the moment he was born. I knew then that he
was a "keeper". As he grew up he fulfilled his early promise. At
6 weeks I began calling him my "exquisite boy". His personality
matched his looks. He was sweet and loving, mischievous and
silly; everything you could ever want. He showed like a dream;
loved the ring. I realized I didn't have the money or time to
campaign him as he should be, so let someone have him on a
co-ownership who could. He was #1 there - loved by all.
Children came to visit. When Robin's "parents" were in town,
the kids thought it was funny to let him out of the triple fencing.
He was caught by coyotes. At 13 mos he was gone. I've never
forgiven myself for letting him go.

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