Graphic by Clan Duncan

Karashome's Have We Met Before, CGC
(CH. Shadow Hill's Blue Dynamic ex  Karashome's Sheer Elegance (pts))
January 7, 1987 - March 11, 1998

15 mos

Peter receiving his award
9 years
Peter March 8, 1998 Peter March 8 1998

Peter on March 8, 1998
Peter, Henry and Tighe waiting for a treat 3/8/1998
On the 11th of March Peter wasn't feeling well,
the veterinarian tried all that could be done, but
Peter died that night. He is missed greatly.

Graphic by Clan Duncan

Please, God, if you hear a scratch,
On the pearly gates tonight,
A gentle whine, a muffled bark,
Have Saint Peter take a light
And open up the portals
And call his spirit in.
For we think he lived in Heaven once.
Please take him back again.