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Karashome's Just Because, CD (pts), CGC

(Karashome's Have We Met Before, CGC ex Karashome Tri My Patience, HC)
(July 12, 1989 - November 10, 2000)

Joseph was always the lover in the bunch of puppies. From the time he could barely
walk he would throw himself into my arms with an "I love you, Mommy". I didn't
need and had no intentions of keeping a blue male, but he just seemed to stay.
Thus I named him "Just Because"

Karashome's Just Because, CD (pts)

Karashome's Just Because, CD (pts)

He was such a gawky puppy at 10 weeks, but still was a super lover. All you had to say was
 "Kisses, Joseph" and he'd throw himself into your arms and give scubulions of kisses.

He grew and always retained his sweet loving nature. I was concentrating on Eve and never showed
him much. He went to 1 specialty match and was Best Adult (His half sister Cher was Best Puppy).
He went to about 4 shows and was WD for his 1st 2 points with me handling.  He was so "out of
coat" that day that I very nearly didn't show him. The day after the entries closed he started
blowing and I had taken out several grocery bags full. The judge commented that he would have
 liked to see more coat. "Gee, if I'd known, I could have brought you 5 grocery bags
full", I
replied.  He laughed, saying "Bring him back with it attached".

Karashome's Just Because, CD (pts)

Things became more hectic here and Joseph went to live with a good friend, Bev Taulbee
for awhile. While there she trained him in Novice obedience and showed him for his 3 legs
for his CD. Her son, Josh put his CGC on him.

Karashome's Just Because, CD (pts)

I lost him totally unexpectedly. I had gone away for the weekend and when I got
home He was dead. I didn't get to tell him goodbye. I know he's giving kisses to
his special angel at the Bridge while waiting for me.



By Unknown

So you've gone
You have gained the wisdom
And you have gained thy flight

Our friend always at the door
The one who seemed to listen
But could not respond

To my companion
On my long walks through the forest
You were my protector
You were my confidence
Only you could see no fault

I only wish I could have said good-bye
Alas, I am so far from home
How I miss that cool breeze of autumn
While you sat beside me on the front porch

So now my home coming will be a sad one
For I won't have my Joseph waiting for me

The only one who did not forget
The moment you saw me again
You knew exactly who was home
And I knew where home was.

Thank You for being my boy
and my beautiful friend

We shall meet again