Karashome's Late Night Tryst
Daphne 2-8-1994 - 12-29-1999

Karashome's Late Night Tryst
(INT/UKC CH. Karashome's Evening Tryst ex Karashome Tri My Patience, HC)

Daphne leaves her immediate
family, Abbe, Gem Beau and Lily.
Her father Nigel, sister Sybil and relatives throughout the United States.

Joins her mother Patti,  brother Joey, Grand Mother Maria, Anastasia, Katie and her other friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss you Daphne.

Gem Beau,  Daphne,  Lily  and Abbe (Christmas 99)

How can one surmise over two years of happiness with Daphne. This eulogy will change from day to day as we become accustomed to the loss of Daphne. A loved one is not gone, until they are forgotten!

Daphne died suddenly, On Monday  she was being treated for a sinus infection by the veterinarian, she seemed to be doing well, she was her usual self running, barking, circling. On Tuesday she seemed on the road to recovery, then,  Wednesday early morning she was in her bed, she seemed confused, as I was petting, hugging and talking to her, Daphne looked up at me, and died. Wednesday 3 am on the 29th of December 1999 we lost Daphne. One quickly realizes how fast life can end.
Karashome's Late Night Tryst
Daphne only dug one hole in the yard, she cleaned it
every time grass blew in there, this was one of her favorite
spots in the yard, here she is taking a nap (summer 99)
Karashome's Sno-Angekl Wings Lily and Karashome's Late Night Tryst
Lily and Daphne (summer 99)
Karashome's Late Night Tryst
Daphne 7 weeks.

These are some of  Daphne's memories.

When we picked up Daphne, all the other tri-color shelties circled Daphne as to keep her from being taken away.   When we left with Daphne she cried all the way home, she was going from a secure place to one of which was unknown to her, little did she know what mark she would leave upon us.  Daphne was a replacement for Katie a sheltie who died a week earlier at  the age of 15 Abbe was Katie's friend.. 

Abbe a collie mix was number one dog since Katie died, Daphne most of the times was really number one who counted though they all had their personalities, were loved the same. When we would visit her family, she especially had a friend Patrick, who was one of her best friends, they would lie beside the fence they would look like they were telling each other stories, walk, run and play together for the short period of time she visited.

Daphne did everything right from the start, she called shotgun for the front seat of the car, any human had to have her in their lap.  Anywhere we went Daphne was there, sitting in the front seat like it was hers, and it was.  First one in the car first one out of the car, she did her little circle planting herself in the front seat as she got comfortable.  

She and Abbe became the best of friends, Daphne kissed Abbe, played with her and showered affections upon her they became inseparable. Abbe when Daphne was in her bed would come over and lick her, after Daphne died Abbe came over and nudged her trying to get her to wake up.  Abbe is confused she doesn't know where her longtime friend is.

Lily came in to Daphne's life, Lily 18 month sheltie sable female, a teenager, when they rode in the car Lily would lay upon top of Daphne since she wasn't about to move and share the front seat. Lily and Daphne would play like puppies, Lily would grab Daphne bring her to the ground jump on her, like they were wrestling, they were playing. Lily is confused even though she saw Daphne after her death, she still runs around the house looking for her, wondering where her best friend and playmate is.

Gem Beau came into Daphne's life, Gem Beau a sheltie sable male, eight years of age, Daphne and Gem Beau hit it off the first time, he and Daphne would run and play not as rough as with Lily but play and comfort each other, he looks around for Daphne he also tried to wake up Daphne.

All three of them tried to wake up Daphne, nudging her and kissing her,  they saw Daphne in death and they will not wonder why, she went out the door and never came back to them. This is very fortunate. Sometimes though this cannot be.
   (Erik Andersen)

Karashome's Late Night Tryst
Daphne in snow 12-25-1999 (she loved the stuff)
Karashome's Late Night Tryst
Daphne in snow February 6, 1998