They say that if you're very, very lucky you will have once in your lifetime, that very special dog, the one who will always remain #1, tho' many others may pass through your life.  I was lucky. I had Cisco.

Cisco going over highjump


U-CDX Karen's Solemn Cisco, CDX

Close your eyes now, my long time friend,
     and let this time come to a peaceful end.
We'll walk together soon, I'm sure, as winter turns to spring,
     When snow gives way to budding leaves and birds begin to sing.
The gentle breeze shall call your name along the water's edge.
     For what we shared and what you meant shall never be forgot.
Your friendship spans the years behind, your memory ahead.
     You'll always be there next to me, companion and good friend.

                                                                  Author Unknown

U-CDX Karen's Solemn Cisco, CDX
CISCO at 13 years


Hey Smart Ass,

Today is your 25th birthday. It's so hard to believe that it's been nearly that long since we brought you home - a tiny 6 wks baby. You did so many things in your short 14 years. People from all over the country would flock to see you perform in the obedience ring. And perform you did. That earned you your nickname. Everyone loved you. You taught so many children junior showmanship. One could just hear you say, "Come on, kid. Just follow my lead. I have this down pat." You still are the oldest dog to earn a United KC U-CDX title. You were 13 years, 2 months and 16 days when you got your 3rd leg. Even better, you did it with a 1st, a 2nd and a 4th in Open B and qualified for the Gaines Regionals along the way. No one will ever take your place as #1 in my heart. I'll see you at the Bridge, my special boy.

February 16, 1999


My heart still aches in sadness,

And secret tears still flow,

What it meant to lose you,

No one will ever know.

I think about and miss you every day, my Special Boy!
June 19, 2009

Playing: "I Will Always Love You"