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December 11, 1998 - March 5, 1999

She was born December the 11th, 1 of 4 babies. She was the only tri girl. As she grew, it was evident she was the love child of the bunch; the one who wanted to cuddle and snuggle. She grew, and got prettier. A resemblance began to emerge (Doesn't she remind you of...? Doesn't she look like...? Yes, her great, great Aunt, CH. Karashome Enchanted Evening).

As she grew older her personality grew too; a bit of a snot, a bit of a brat, and always, the snuggler. Thoughts of show ring triumphs began to waft through our thoughts, as well as agility shows (with her parents she'd be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound).

Friday, March 5th, she and her brother Coco were out in their front yard on leash learning to be "show dogs". Laura's next door neighbor saw them, opened her door and let her dog out. In only a minute the dreams were shattered. Belle lay dead and Coco was severly injured. He has survived 2 surgeries and should be okay. His left rear leg will never be normal though, so he won't soar over the jumps and through the tire in agility. He'll never have the chance to be an OTCH.

Little Belle will never splash through streams, soar over jumps, become a Champion. She will never grow up knowing how special she is, sleep on the bed and cuddle through the night.

We'll see you at the bridge, our darling. Joey is there to play with you and Cisco will keep a watchful eye over you as he always protected the puppies down here on earth. Remember how much you were loved.

Laura Ross, Storybook Shelties & Karen Evans, Karashome Shelties

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