Karashome Royal Aslan
(Babinette Ballad of the Blues (maj ptd) ex Karashome Barefoot Contessa (pts))

May 24, 1984  -  August 12, 1986

Karashome's Royal Aslan
"ASLAN"  -  11 1/2 mos

One of the "Special Ones"

In his short 2 years "Aslan" managed to pack more fun and adventure than most dogs (or people) have in a normal lifespan. Nicknamed "THE ROGUE" he lived up to the name royally  - from his 4 and 1/2 week tour of Cincinnati  on his own to all his endearing, loving tricks at home. He loved life and everything and everybody in it. All were his friends, from his special family (whom he adored) to the person he just met. Like his Mom, he loved to show. His sparkling eyes and his "look at me" stance portrayed this love. Although far from fully mature, he sported 2 Specialty Best Adults and an All-Breed Best in Match.

Although gone in body he still remains in our hearts and minds and, at times, if we don't look or listen carefully, out of the corner of our eye we see a flash of amber and white and hear the soft echo of a bark, or feel a soft touch on our knee. For as long as we live, so will he  - forever young and vibrant - enjoying life to the fullest.

Bruce & Libby Hollett
Lisa, Andrea, Beau & Todd

Karen & Elizabeth