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Eve's head shot   Arbohn Shelties
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Foxboro Kennels
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evehdbut.gif (1201 bytes)    The Cassette - A Magazine for Collies and Shelties
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Henry head shot  Sheltie Links:    

Clan Duncan Shelties  -  The Most Beautiful Sheltie Website
Golden Hylite Shelties Another Lovely Site
Cherden Shelties  -  "POW"

Magical "Mystery" Tour

Ailea Shelties
Allusion Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Aristar Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Bare Cove Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Barlo Shelties & Pedigrees
redball.gif (326 bytes)Bronwyn Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Carmylie Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Chances'R Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Clan Duncan Shelties
Classic Shelties

redball.gif (326 bytes)Classy Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Cub Hill Shelties  
redball.gif (326 bytes)Daystar Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Dundee Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Fame S Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Fanfare Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Felthorn Shelties  -  England
redball.gif (326 bytes)Fireside Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Foxglove Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Gala Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Harbor Lite Shelties
Heart O Gold Shelties
Himark Shelties
Iona Shelties
Islewind Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Istari Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Kimi's Grand Adventures (read about the antics of this special Sheltie)
Kimi's World
redball.gif (326 bytes)Kintara Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Kismet Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Kloud-Nine Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Lakewood Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Phoenix Shelties  (UKC judge)
Roma Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Romyldale Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Rowanglen Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Ruffian Shelties
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Seminole Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Shadow Hills Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Shield Crest Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Skyehaven Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Southern Sheltie Directory
redball.gif (326 bytes)Storybook Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Sunnyvale Shelties
The Wild Bunch
redball.gif (326 bytes)TJ's Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Valmar Shelties & Pedigree Service
redball.gif (326 bytes)Waldenwood Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Wildrose Shelties
redball.gif (326 bytes)Zion Shelties

 Q Boy 
DON'T MISS   Q'Boy's Art  (The Painting Sheltie)

rotredbox.gif (3296 bytes)  ASSA Rescue Page

  trislppup1.gif (1070 bytes)  American Shetland Sheepdog Association

rotredbox.gif (3296 bytes)  The Sheltie International

bluslppup1.gif (1134 bytes)  The Southern Sheltie Directory

gracbut.jpg (864 bytes)   Sheltie/Collie Color Genetics

bluslppup1.gif (1134 bytes)  Dog Owners Guide Profile: The Shetland Sheepdog


sblslppup1.gif (1092 bytes)  Shetland Sheepdog Homepage

        A delightful site - clockful of Sheltie pictures and stories

       The BEST Sheltie graphics on the web!!

bluslppup1.gif (1134 bytes) Sheltie Freak Graphics

trislppup1.gif (1070 bytes)  Sheltie History

bluslppup1.gif (1134 bytes)  Herding with the Shetland Sheepdog


bluslppup1.gif (1134 bytes)  The Sheltie Page

   Sue Ann Bowling's Sheltie Page

    Nightwind Sheltie Articles

Visit the FIRST Virtual Sheltie Show

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Memorial Links:

Like many others, I was enthralled in my childhood by the collie stories of Albert Payson Terhune. I cheered Lad in his victory over the imported collie in the herding ring, held my breath for Bruce when he served as a war dog and mourned the untimely death of Wolf. I wiled away many a summer afternoon in my "tree house" completely immersed in the world of Sunnybank.   These are links to that world:

   Wayne Lewis' Terhune site

   Paul Bradican's Terhune Site

   In Memory of Spirit  -  A very Special Baby

   Pet Loss Site

   In Memory of Pets


    arkwork by Marie Crane     SHELTIE ANGELS 

   A Place For Us

Other Special Dog Page Links:

     Deaf Dog Site

    How to Train a Deaf Dog

    Blue Ribbon Pets

     I Love Dogs

    Dogs on the Web  A Little Bit of Everything About Dogs


     Tips on Finding Lost Pets

      muttart.gif (5405 bytes)


   What is a Puppy Mill  (I don't consider this a NEAT site, but one that we all need to see.)