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Karashome-Arbohn Memories

Karashome-Arbohn Memories  -  Jimmy - 15 mos

Karashome-Arbohn Memories  -  Jimmy - 15 mos

                                      CH. CINNABAR ALNPHYLL VOYAGER  (1973)
                                    CH. ALNPHYLL MR. GALLAGHER  (1976)
                                                Babinette Mavourneen ROM  (1970)
                     Arbohn Robin Adair (OFA Excellent)  (1987)
                                               CH. CINNABAR ALNPHYLL VOYAGER  (1973)
                                     Arbohn Charmaine  (1985)
                                               E-Danha John's Tabitha  (1978)
          Karashome-Arbohn Memories (OFA Good)  (1996)
                                               CH. BABINETTE BUTTERMILK SKY  (1975)
                                     Karashome Confederate Sky, CD  (1980)
                                               Karashome's Whistlin' Dixie (pts)  (1977)
                      Karashome Tri My Patience, HC (OFA Excellent) (1986)
                                               CH. BABINETTE BOLD BUCKAROO  (1974)
                                      Karashome Barefoot Contessa (pts)  (1977)
                                               Babinette Bittersweet  (1975)

This is an unbelievable pedigree to exist today.
The years are the years these dogs were born.