UKC GRCH. Kimlyn Karashome Konfetti

Gracie in flowers


    Hi, my name's Gracie. I'm going to be a model when I grow up 'cause I'm soooo c-u-t-e and I'm soooo bea-u-ti-ful!! I know that's so because my 2 momas told me. Look below for more pictures of me, including my trip to see the Easter bunny (I gave him a kiss 'cause he was soo nice.) Oh, I'm 3 months old in these pictures - you're never too young to start a modeling career.


Gracie in chair
Here I am posing in the
chair. Am I not cute?


Gracie w/ Easter bunny
This is me and and the Easter
Bunny. He thought I was the
cutest little girl he saw all day.

Gracie kissing Easter bunny
I gave the Easter Bunny a
kiss 'cause he was sooo sweet.


Gracie in flowers-2
Here I am again. Another pose in
the flowers.

Gracie with toys
This is me with some of my toys.
I've got lots (but none as cute as me).

This is me at my 1st match. I'm 5 mos old. I won the Herding Group, of course!

Playing: "Ain't She Sweet"